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Goat Yoga/Appearance Release Waiver

This agreement releases GoatCountry LLC and any employees from any and all liability relating to injuries or destruction of property from any cause whatsoever, including that of any possible negligence on the part of GoatCountry LLC. The participant understands that goat yoga involves physical exertion involved with yoga, as well as participation and interaction with livestock which can be unpredictable in behavior and known to nibble, jump, scratch, etc. Participant accepts all risk of property damage, injury and death associated with goat yoga, goat cuddling, and the studio or venue setting in which it will take place. The participant agrees that he/she has no physical or mental condition that would interfere/prevent participation in goat yoga.  Participant understands it is he / she’s responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding participation in goat yoga. 
By signing this agreement the participant agrees to hold GoatCountry LLC free from any liability or financial responsibility from injuries and / or property damage incurredIf signing on behalf of a minor, parent / guardian accepts full responsibility for any medical expenses incurred to the minor’s participation in goat yoga and agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify (including costs and attorney fees) GoatCountry LLC for any claims brought by or on behalf of the minor. 

Appearance Waiver

Participant understands that GoatCountry LLC is using these premises for goat yoga and that he / she may or may not be photographed in participation of the yoga. As such, participant grants GoatCountry LLC right to record their image, likeness, voice, etc. for the purposes of marketing on Facebook Business or Website or any media for art and advertising.  GoatCountry LLC may edit any material recorded in any way they see fit. I understand that I will not be compensated in any way for the recording and/or use of my image, likeness, voice, etc. 

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